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c.1902 Historic Mansion


Built in 1902, the Greensfelder mansion is considered one of the, if not the most, historical and prolific homes in Logansport, Indiana. Her story is a rich tapestry of the times, honoring some of the most influential pieces of history in Indiana and the United States. This is the story of her restoration. Along the way we'll go over her stories with a fine tooth comb and, in the end, celebrate the reintroduction of the old Queen to her community.


The Mansion

Sprawling at around 8,000sqft, and four stories (including the basement that once quartered household servants) , the Greensfelder Mansion was built in 1902 and is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture in Logansport, Indiana. Unlike most homes of her era, she is long as opposed to wide, but her massive front porch and elegant severe peaked slate roof leave little doubt of the grandeur held within.

We are lucky that is has survived the last 116 years relatively intact. Her wood work - extensive and magnificent - largely escaped unscathed by paint, and what has been covered over is being exposed and restored. She boasts  her original lincrusta wainscot along with impressive mosaic tile "carpets" in her grand foyer, bathrooms, dining room, and scullery. The size of her kitchen, scullery, butler's pantry, and main bathroom rival the size of modern bedrooms.

While it greatly saddens us that this beautiful piece of history was allowed to deteriorate and decay, we are proud to be her new owners and are working extensively on a museum quality restoration while seamlessly blending modern conveniences for added liveability as this home will remain in our family for generations to come.


Our Plan



Full replacement of cabinetry to historical kind. Flagstone floors to replace vinyl. Wood to be stripped of paint and restained.



A raised deck will be attached to re-built stone sunroom. Iris beds will be moved to new elevated front garden and replaced with koi pond

Water Features


Full stone koi pond will be created in the back yard, with pump system designed to help with yard drainage during wet times.



A new full house central HVAC system will be installed. Progress is being made towards converting the home to solar and geothermal in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Full security system, including cameras, being installed.



Second floor wash room being rejuvenated for ease of house keeping. Bathrooms being completely restored, up to and including the 116 year old clawfoot tub in the main bathroom.


Conveniences such as double ovens, surround sound, intercom system and full art studio are being assessed and added as we continue along marrying the gilded age to the modern age.





Wineries Tour


The Logansport area boasts some of the finest wineries in Indiana. We encourage people driving to see the mansion to stop in at Logansport's own "People's Winery" to savor a glass or bottle of their fine offerings. We recommend the Gewürztraminer.

Cultural Sites


From iron horse history to battle fields to safe stops along the underground railroad, Logansport  boasts some of the finest cultural and heritage sites in Indiana. Stop by and catch a show at our gorgeous historical State Theater!

Historic Preservation Week 


We take historic preservation extremely seriously here in Logansport and have set aside an entire week of events including home tours, nostalgia nights, and the annual preservation picnic. Follow the preservation commission on Facebook.

Home Tours


It's with great hope that the Greensfelder will be able to open, at least in part, to tour in 2019. We're feverishly working on realizing that goal, however daunting a task it may seem.

Haunted History


Stay tuned for more information about this event!

Christmas Stories


2018 will hopefully bring with it the ability for us to showcase our grand parlor through a Christmas gathering to be held. Stories will be read in front of the fire. Stay tuned for more information.

Words, Blurbs, and Links

"Doing It Justice" Article featured in the Pharos-Tribune

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